Women's Embody Long Sleeve Jersey - Red Arch

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Color: Red Arc


The Women's Embody Long Sleeve Jersey, in its captivating Red Arch design, is a true workhorse designed to redefine your cycling experience. This jersey features panel-specific fabrics that not only provide a body-contour fit but also prioritize comfort and style. While it's road-specific, it's built tough to ensure you stay warm and dry in various conditions. Whether you're pinning on a race number, loading up your pockets, or simply conquering the open roads, you'll quickly understand why it's become our best-selling jersey.


  • Tailored for Performance: The Embody Long Sleeve Jersey is meticulously crafted for road cycling, ensuring peak performance on every ride.
  • Body-Contour Fit: Panel-specific fabrics are employed to achieve a snug, body-contour fit that enhances both style and aerodynamics.
  • Versatile Design: This jersey is ready for all your cycling adventures, from racing to leisurely rides, thanks to its incredible adaptability.
  • Resistant in Any Weather Condition: Designed to keep you warm and dry, this jersey is a reliable companion on challenging rides.
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