Kenya Men's Lifestyle Tee



Stay cool and sweat-free all day long with the Kenya Men's Lifestyle Tee. Its loose fit and quick-drying fabric ensures maximum comfort while you train or ride. Designed to keep you cool, dry, and at ease all day long, this tee is your ultimate companion during long training sessions and races. Enjoy a comfortable and cool experience with our Kenya Men’s Lifestyle Tee.


  • Stay Cool in Hot Conditions: Our tee is designed to keep you cool and comfortable even in the hottest and most humid weather. 
  • Optimized ventilation: Our Kenya Lifestyle Tee boasts a loose fit, with breathable and moisture-transporting fabric in the chest and back areas ensuring excellent air circulation, and preventing overheating during your rides.
  • Ultra Lightweight: Crafted from ultra-lightweight fabrics for a comfortable ride.
  • Club-Fit / Loose Fit: Choose between a club-fit or loose-fit style to align with your riding preferences and comfort level.
  • Practical Design: This tee is perfect for work or play, providing a cool and comfortable feel. 
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